If Not An Actor, Amir Khan Have Would Become This!

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Aamir khan

Over the course of his 25 years in Hindi cinema, superstar Aamir Khan, who is currently busy prepping for his upcoming movie Thugs of Hindostan, has become synonymous with perfection and discipline, but the actor reveals that in real life he is the most disorganised person, a side about which only the people close to him get to see.

When asked how he has continued to be a disciplined actor, the 53-year-old Dangal star said it is only his work that motivates him to be efficient.

“I am totally undisciplined. The only thing that gets me into the discipline is my work. So, had I not been an actor, I would have been the most undisciplined person. That is the fact.

“I know people here are looking at me, thinking, ‘What is he even saying?’ but that’s the truth. People who are close to me know how undisciplined I am. What puts me on track is my work,”

Aamir told reporters here at the launch of the book, “How To Be Human, penned by filmmaker Rajkumar Hirani’s wife, Manjeet. The actor was also asked what subject he would choose to pen a book on, if that ever happens.

Aamir said the obvious choice would be to write about his experience in Bollywood. He, however, added he has not given any serious thought to it as films keep him occupied.

“I have never thought about it. But my natural inclination would be to write about my experiences in my career and life. I, however, am always busy with films so, I never get time to look back at my life and think. Many people have told me to write something.

“Sometimes, even I have thought of recording my feelings so that I can use the material later. But I haven’t given this a serious consideration.”

At the launch, Hirani was asked if, after the Sanjay Dutt biopic, he would like to bring Aamir’s life on the big screen, the director said, “Right now, I am fine with making only one biopic. But who wouldn’t like to make a biopic on Aamir Khan? I would love to do that in future,” he said.

To which Aamir quipped, “My life is very boring!” The actor-director duo has previously worked in 3 Idiots and PK.

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