FAT Makes You FAT? Think Again….

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What makes you fat?

First of all we should know the reason why your weight increases.

Fat doesn’t increase your weight. Yes, it is a myth that consuming a lot of fat will make you fat and increase your weight.

The fact is that it is carbohydrate that is responsible for increasing your weight.



Reason why Fat doesn’t makes you Fat:

Eating food that contains fat does not increase your weight but the food that contains carbohydrate increases your weight. The fat that you eat breaks into fatic acid and does not harm you. But when you eat food that contains carbohydrate, it gives you a lot of energy and energy per se is not bad but more energy could lead to increase in weight. Let us explain how carbohydrate increases weight:

Suppose you eat food that gives you 120 units (just an example unit) of energy you are able to consume only 100 units of energy. This means you are left with 20 units of extra energy. These 20 units of extra energy convert into fat which increases your weight. Thus, eating food that directly contains fat may not harm you because it is divided into fatic acid but eating food that contains carbohydrate can increase your weight.

So if you are thinking about eating some fatty food, then go ahead, you may have but don’t overdo that too. The trick is to have everything in balance and if you want to lose weight, you should consume food that contains less amount of carbohydrates. If you consume carbohydrate, make sure that you work out enough to burn those extra enery units.

Sugar, White flour, Maize, Bran, Wheat-germ, Barley, Maize, Buckwheat, Cornmeal and Oatmeal are a couple of food items which are high on carbohydrates, therefore you should think twice before consuming them in higher quantity whereas salad contains less amount of carbohydrates and is high in vitamins.

We personally advice to eat everything in balance which will help you have a fit and healthy body.

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