WhatsApp New Feature: 5-Minute Window To Recall Messages Sent By Mistake

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An extremely useful & beneficial news on the board for you guys.

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WhatsApp again coming up with its new features to users and its extremely useful for everyone who especially mistakenly send messages to wrong users which have to be deliver to someone else.

Now you must be glad to know that you will have a chance to fix your blunt which you made mistakenly.

You may have soon 5 minute window to revoke your such misdirected messages.


WhatsApp New Feature to delete messages sent by mistake by using 5 minute recall messages window


Let’s have a look together: how this feature actually gonna help us and how it will work!

A fan site i.e. WABetaInfo which tests new WhatsApp features early, informs this mobile messaging platform sooner introducing a ‘Recall’ feature.

Users will be able to recall text messages, images, videos, GIFs,Documents,quoted messages and even status replies within 5 minute recall window by using this upcoming new feature.

WhatsApp’s current version is 2.17.190 whereas this new feature of recall window within this messaging App will be available in version “2.17.30+”.

What are you waiting for guys? Update your WhatsApp and enjoy this feature.

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