Will Gluck rues lack of romantic comedies in Hollywood

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‘Friends with Benefits’ director Will Gluck, who feels people in Hollywood are scared to make romantic comedies now, would love to see more such films.
“I think there needs to be more romantic comedies. They always do well but I think people are scared of making them because there is no explosion and no car chases,” Gluck told
“But people always love a good romance,” he added.
Gluck, who has also made films like ‘Easy A’, ‘Annie’ and ‘Peter Rabbit’, feels making ‘huge action movies’ is the point of focus in Hollywood at present.
“The trend is to make a huge action movie or a comic movie or smaller (budget) smaller movie. The movies in middle like on human relationship are not being made any more,” he added.
He said it is a shame “because that is the kind of movies I like to do”.

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