Yoga At Office

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Body pain, neck pain, headache, leg pain, shoulder pain, eye problem, tension etc are very common for the office going people or who sit for long time on the office chair or for the people who work for the long time on computer.

Here are a few yoga tips and yoga poses that you can do at office while sitting on chair or while working on computer which will help you in releasing tension, increasing muscle strength, flexibility and increasing the ability to work and most important from all types of body pain like neck pain, leg pain, shoulder pain, eye problem etc.

The best way to come out from all these problems is to sit properly and to take a break for 5 to 10 minutes after every two hours.Your shoulders, neck, eyes are the organs that are affected the most because of the incorrect postures and long working hours. Here are some yoga techniques which should be followed at workplace-

  1. Yoga for shoulders
  2. Yoga for neck
  3. Yoga for eyes
  4. Seated and forward bend


Yoga for Shoulder


This exercise can be done while sitting on chair or even while standing. Keep your back straight and start to rotate your shoulder for 5 times clock wise and 5 times anti clock wise.

Yoga for Neck

Most of the people struggle with neck pain and the primary reason is that they bend their neck in awkward position throughout the day.


To relax your neck, you can do the following pose:

  • Close your eyes and take a deep breath.
  • Slightly tilt your chin so that it points to your chest.
  • You have to rotate your neck slowly from left to right and vice versa. Slowly you’re yourneck towards your left ear towards your left shoulder and then rotate it towards the right ear and shoulder.
  • Remember keeping your shoulders relaxed and loose.This process should be done at least 5 times in each direction
  • My personal experience tells me that it stretches your muscles and then loosens them and you feel relaxed.

Yoga for your back : Bending forward while sitting


  • This yoga exercise can be done while sitting on your office chair. Just move your chair a little far from your table.
  • Keep sitting on your chair; keep your feet flat on the floor.
  • Now slowly, take your hands and place them around your lower back and then interlace your fingers.
  • Stretch your arms a little.
  • Now bend forward, move your interlaced hands over your back.
  • Try and bend as much as you can. Now rest your chest at your legs (thighs) and relax your neck.

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