Yoga For Hair

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Good and healthy hair makes you look wonderful and that is the reason everyone wants to have healthy and good hair. But in the modern world, people are finding it difficult to maintain their hair as stress, bad eating habits, pollution etc are taking a toll on their hair.

Yoga has been really helpful in overcoming hair loss and it has been seen that if Yoga is done regularly, one can notice the reduction in hair fall and improvement in hair growth and quality.

Before we talk about how Yoga can help in hair growth, Let’s have a look at the common reasons for hair loss:

  • Stress
  • Hormonal disorders
  • Thyroid disease
  • Auto-immune disorders
  • Poor nutrition
  • Medical treatments
  • Hair treatments

According to us, the most common reason for hair loss today is the stress and bad eating habits. We know its easy to say that one should stop taking stress but you should find out ways to reduce stress and secondly on should increase the intake of nutritious food which contains vitamins and protein.

One of the best ways to reduce stress for us has been regular yoga and pranayama. And, when your stress levels are low, your overall health will be good and so would be your hair. The many types of pranayama that are helpful for your hair are Anulomvilom, Bhastrika, Bahya, Kapalbhati and Udgeet pranayama.

Yoga poses to counter hair loss and increase hair growth: Yes, there are yoga poses that help in hair growth:

Downward facing dog pose


Standing Forward Bend Yoga Pose


Shoulder stand pose


Headstand pose



Camel Pose



How Nail Rubbing Helps In Hair Growth

Nail rubbing is an effective way to cure hair fall and increase hair growth. Nail rubbing came into popularity when Baba Ramdev talked about its benefits and also shown the fantastic results.


Nail rubbing is very simple, just fold your fingers and place the fingernails against each other. Simply rub the nails against each other. It is advised to do nail rubbing for five to seven minutes twice a day.

Nail rubbing can be done while standing or sitting as well. Baba Ramdev recommends doing nail rubbing just before sleeping and also do it in a way that sounds should come from nail rubbing.

All in all, if you are regular at pranayama and the above-mentioned yoga poses, we are sure you would see some improvement in your hair growth.

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